Do vitamins really make us healthy?

© GLOW IMAGES  models for illustrative purposes only
© GLOW IMAGES models for illustrative purposes only

Having grown up in a gardening family, I naturally assumed for many years that taking vitamins was somehow similar to adding fertilizer to a plant.  I fully expected vitamins to produce a healthy human body.  Like, Valerie Minard, my opinion shifted along the way to a more spiritual foundation for health.  Below is an excerpt from her article as it appeared in

When I was growing up, it was normal at breakfast time for my mother to have a variety of vitamins on the kitchen table for me to take each day.  She was convinced this regime would make me smarter, healthier and prettier.  Not necessarily in that order. I dutifully forced them down but rebelled when she tried to disguise Cod Liver oil in my juice.  Not happening!

Now-a-days, instead of vitamins, in the early morning I have a daily regime of prayer. I quiet my thought and think about my spiritual relationship to the divine. Establishing my connection to God strengthens me and gives me peace of mind. I’ve found, over time, that it also maintains my well being.  It helps sweep away those cobwebs of fear that collect in the morning, dragging me down, and puts my day on higher ground. I’ve learned that my health doesn’t actually come from vitamins.

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    • keystonehealthconnections says

      Yes, I agree, Nancy. This is a wonderful piece that touches so many individuals who are trying to define health for themselves. Thank you!

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