Gratitude for any Season

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In today's post, Don Ingwerson writes, "gratitude leaves us refreshed and rejuvenated."  I hope you will enjoy the excerpt and article link below. Then, share some gratitude and enjoy the results. (Originally published in We often focus on gratitude during a holiday or special occasion, and doing so can fill that time with a special sense of purpose by stimulating feelings of joy and good will. But if gratitude is so good at those times, why shouldn’t every other day also be Continue Reading

Do You Honestly Need More Evidence


The expression "the proof is in the pudding" might be another way to describe one of   writer Keith Wommack's key points in today's blog, which first appeared in the Houston Chronicle.  He notes some questions being raised in health care today regarding evidence-based medicine, and shares a different perspective on evidence, based on his own prayerful healing practice.   I couldn’t hide it. My grimace gave it away. “Looks like a torn rotator cuff,” my neighbor said to me last Friday. I’d Continue Reading

The universal desire for universal health


The topic of health care regularly dominates the country's headlines and conversation, and for obvious reasons, notes writer Eric Nelson: we all want good health.  In today's post, originally appearing in Communities Digital News, he observes another growing desire among many for a deeper sense of well-being, for a "divinely inspired perspective on life."  Please enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article. You’d be hard-pressed these days, at least here in the U.S., to Continue Reading

Healthy Perspectives: Do you ever feel up a creek without a paddle?

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By Debby Kowit   I felt like I had been given a boat without a paddle and told to head upstream.  There I was, through the airport security, headed out on work-related travel and my cell phone was dead.  Not many years ago all I would have needed was a quarter and a public pay phone to solve the problem. But this time, even with technology at our fingertips, an expedient resolution was not evident. As the impact of this predicament swept over me, I realized that I needed an answer now, not Continue Reading

To View, Or Not To View “Fifty Shades Of Grey”…


True happiness: can it be found in material pleasure-seeking? As writer Tony Lobl observes, that question may be at the center of debate over a new movie in theaters now. He suggests that a search for spiritual joy may bring more lasting satisfaction. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from his article in NewsHub, and click through to read in its entirety.  The fervour surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey reached fever pitch with the Valentine’s eve release of one of the raciest storylines ever Continue Reading

Healthy Heart or Heart Healthy?


By Debby Kowit   Having a healthy heart is big business, whether you are talking about efforts to repair, recover or prevent America’s #1 cause of death, heart disease or #3, stroke.    Available at our fingertips are lists of remedies that include diet regimens, exercise programs and rehab guidance.  Even if you have a healthy heart, you are probably already alert to how to watch for symptoms of a problem or you may be aware of specific foods to indulge or avoid. As consumers we have the Continue Reading

Love and Health


Valentine's Day 2015 is now past, but this article by colleague Bob Clark brings out some ideas that I hope will linger for months to come. Below is an excerpt from the original post as published in  Enjoy! Let’s give Valentine’s Day a boost and celebrate by taking a deeper look at love. Whether you prefer John Lennon’s anthem, “All you need is love”,  the bold Biblical statement from the Book of John, “God is love.”  or perhaps Emma Seppala’s research out of Stanford – Continue Reading

The Effect Of Thought On Health

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Today's post, from my colleague Moji Solanke of Nigeria, offers some wonderful thoughts... on thoughts!  She explores how thought can influence our health, and considers the benefits of thinking spiritually.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article, written originally for The Guardian.  MUCH has been said on this topic by psychologists, psychiatrists and religious thinkers, and because it is such an important issue, it bears another look. If there is a Continue Reading

Ebola: Are you preparing to help?

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By Debby Kowit   If we are honest with ourselves, most of us will steer clear of anything to do with Ebola. But, not all of us can do that. Many medical personnel, international development agency folks, and chaplains are preparing to serve whether that is in clinics throughout infected areas of West Africa or here in the US where returning personnel may need quarantine or treatment. Of the 35 currently designated treatment centers for Ebola in the US, 2 are located in Pennsylvania; one at Continue Reading

The Best Pain Relief Might Not Come In a Bottle


When severe migraine pain put her in immediate and grave danger, the writer of today's post, Debra Chew, reached for the only remedy she had at hand: a thought and a prayer.  The results surprised her.  I hope you'll enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article, written originally for The Chattanoogan. I had been taking pills for migraines for more than a decade.....and I pretty much knew I was about to experience a few days of extreme pain.  I also knew that because my Continue Reading