Is there an alternative to supplements for our health?

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September is National Pain Awareness Month.  Today's blog by Tim Mitchinson looks at the role of supplements for treating pain and improving health, and considers whether an effective alternative might be found through a spiritual approach to well-being.   (This article originally appeared in Fit for Life.)  Millions of Americans take supplements each day for their health. They do this for a variety of reasons – to increase energy levels, decrease susceptibility to illness, and even to reduce Continue Reading

What the Brain Isn’t — Mind or Love

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Where in the brain is love generated? Can you scientifically measure the mind's output of forgiveness? What is mind, exactly?  As my colleague John Clague points out in today's article, these are questions some brain scientists feel they can't answer.   Neurobiologist Dr. Dan Siegel is astounded that neither scientists, including psychiatrists, nor philosophers nor academicians have come up with a good working definition of mind; nor, can they describe what thinking is. Mind is clearly not Continue Reading

Is Spiritual-Based Healing Weird?

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Spiritual treatment can seem like an unusual approach to health. But as today's blog by Keith Wommack notes, many are discovering how prayer can transform thought, and result in healing.  I hope you will enjoy his article, which appeared in the Utne Reader.   While in a meeting, a newspaper editor, after learning that I practiced spiritual-based healing, said, "Since Christian Science is weird, it ... " The editor stopped mid-sentence, looked at me, and said, "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't Continue Reading

Meeting Parkinson’s Disease With A Spiritual Response

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  Robin Williams' tragic passing last month brought much attention to both long-standing and more recent health battles he'd struggled with, including Parkinson's Disease.  In today's post, originally appearing in The News Hub,   Tony Lobl asks the important question, "Is there any way to cope with distressing diagnoses" without drugs, and their sometimes dangerous side-effects?   As if depression and addiction weren't enough, we now learn Robin Williams also faced the daunting diagnosis Continue Reading

Want Peace? Try Forgiveness

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Holiday weekends can offer an opportunity to reflect and maybe even think of someone you can forgive.  In today's post, Sharon McElroy notes, the road to peace (and health) may often involve forgiveness. And she relates instances when changing our view of others can have a truly transforming effect.  I hope you'll enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article, as it appeared in The Huffington Post.  "The magic didn't happen to him. The magic happened to me." Amazingly, Continue Reading

In A Worried World Signs of a Pushback

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Is worry a part of your daily life?  In today’s post, my colleague, Russ Gerber of Massachusetts discusses the impact of worry on our health.   I hope you will enjoy his insight in the excerpt below and click through to read the whole article as it was originally published on Blogcritics . Soon after departing Houston International Airport we hit turbulence. Severe turbulence. The pilot came on to warn that because we had to pass through a storm front the rough ride would last another 30 Continue Reading

Owning our Health: Can technology touch what the heart needs most?

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In thinking about health needs of the heart, I found today's post worth highlighting in honor of World Humanitarian Day which falls on August 19th this year.  Gentle compassion touches the human heart and is needed in caring for our health.  Today's post, written by Anna Bowness-Park, originally for The Vancouver Sun, includes a piece of her own personal story that all will certainly touch the hearts of many.  Machines can efficiently diagnose a disease or dispense a meal, but we also need a Continue Reading

Tap into God-given sense of joy for a better life

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Need  to have a good laugh?  Go right ahead.  Joy is beneficial to your health.  Today's post written by my colleague, Bob Cummings of Michigan, originally for The News Herald offers another perspective that can enhance everyone's well-being.   Has the phrase “laughter is the best medicine” ever bothered you just a little bit or seemed a little overreaching? I don’t think we’re supposed to take it too literally. It simply indicates that humor can be beneficial. These days, studies show, Continue Reading

Do vitamins really make us healthy?

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Having grown up in a gardening family, I naturally assumed for many years that taking vitamins was somehow similar to adding fertilizer to a plant.  I fully expected vitamins to produce a healthy human body.  Like, Valerie Minard, my opinion shifted along the way to a more spiritual foundation for health.  Below is an excerpt from her article as it appeared in When I was growing up, it was normal at breakfast time for my mother to have a variety of vitamins on the kitchen Continue Reading

How can you make summer vacation better for your health?

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It's August:  a month when many of us head off on a week's vacation or so, leaving the office behind but, increasingly, packing the 'work desk' in our bags via smartphone or laptop. In today's post, my colleague Wendy Margolese, of Ontario, Canada, considers how a truly unplugged vacation may reduce the stress and strain of our 24-7 modern day lives.   I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article, which originally appeared in    More than Continue Reading