Finding a path out of addiction – no matter how you got there


Today’s post takes a look at  finding health after addiction through the view of a  young man's firsthand account.  I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt and click through to read the whole article, originally written for the Carroll County Times by Kate Johnson. With the explosive rise in rates of prescription drug use, abuse and death by overdose, physicians, health officials, social workers and policy makers are increasingly on the lookout not only for ways to address the impacts of these Continue Reading

Dr. Eben Alexander Says It’s Time for Brain Science to Graduate From Kindergarten


Yesterday, Dr. Eben Alexander spoke in the greater Philadelphia area at the Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools in Bryn Athyn sharing his experience and book titled, “Proof of Heaven”.  For those with a kindled interest or those who may have missed his presentation, below is an excerpt from an interview given by Ingrid Peschke as published in the Huffington Post.  I hope you will enjoy it and click through to read the full article. Anyone who openly declares that consciousness is not Continue Reading

Enhancing the bottom line approach to healthcare

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Doctors continue to give more attention to what patients want, including their spiritual needs.  In today's post, Wendy Margolese shares a touching story of a physician's experience with a young girl's healthcare. The excerpt below was originally written for  I hope you enjoy it and will click through to read the entire article. In the current economics of our health care system, probing beyond the chief physical complaint of the patient requires time; and time is money.  So Continue Reading

Tackling Obesity – Feeding the Hungry Heart

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What's behind America's high obesity rates? In today's post, guest-blogger Anne Burnett considers how overeating may point to a hunger that food can't satisfy.  I love chocolate.  My husband does too. Unlike me, however, he generally abstains from eating even a smidgeon, joking that if he starts he might not stop and will one day find himself like the mayor Comte de Reynaud in the movie Chocolat: sprawled inside the display window of a French chocolaterie in a sugar ‘stupor,’ having consumed Continue Reading

How to Lose Your Temper for the Sake of a Healthier Heart

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Do you excuse your temper or put up with surges of anger, even to the potential detriment of your own health?  In today's post, originally written for HuffPost Lifestyle, UK, Tony Lobl offers a successful recommendation from which we can all profit.  I hope you will enjoy the excerpt below and click through to read the entire article. Be warned. Throwing a wobbly can boomerang back in unexpected ways. That's the message from a study in this month's European Heart Journal. Anger Continue Reading

What happened when Albert Einstein and William Randolph Hearst prayed?

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What happens to our health when we pray?  In today's blog Eric Nelson shares stories of man's interest and curiosity about this question from Einstein and Hearst to WebMD.  Please enjoy the excerpt below as it was originally published in Communities Digital News then click through to read the full article. In 1936, Albert Einstein received a letter from a sixth-grade girl asking him if he prayed. His answer, although perhaps not as direct as it could have been, provides a compelling if Continue Reading

Taking Responsibility For Our Health – Will It Make Us Healthier?

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When a patient takes responsibility for his own well-being, the potential for a healthy outcome is increased.  This old/new idea receives closer examination in today's post written by John Clague. Below is an excerpt from The Oregonian where it was originally published along with a link to continue reading the full article.  John Clague is also author of, "Above the noise...spirituality and health" Taking care of my grandchildren reminds me of all those parenting years, from birth to striking Continue Reading

Is genetic testing for me?


 In today’s post Guest-Blogger, Linda Green shares an old/new perspective on the ever expanding topic of genetic testing for your consideration.  Is genetic testing for you? A genetic testing company claims it can help you to “live smarter, better and longer” through use of their $99 “spit kit” and your own saliva.  (  Through use of this “spit kit” they will identify your genetic make-up (the human genome) to show what your genes reveal about your ancestry, genealogy, Continue Reading

More than physical effort is used to support the Sochi athletes


By Debby Kowit     Every time the Olympics - winter or summer - roll around, the athletes, the fans, residents of the host cities, and politicians are on heightened alert to the needs of the athletes and the safety of all.  State of the art technology and innovative strategies are put into place to meet the extraordinary athletic demands. Increasingly, the importance of strategies outside of the needed steps to build muscle is being recognized.  For both the athletes and the fans, being Continue Reading

Fake surgery provides interesting glimpse into health

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Spotlighting February as Wise Health Consumer Month, today's blog, written by Kate Johnson shares some valuable insight learned from placebo surgery.  I hope you will enjoy the brief excerpt below and click through to read the entire article originally written for the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Patch.  When I saw the words “fake surgery” in a recent title in the Wall Street Journal, I simply had to read the article. “Fake knee surgery found to yield benefits,” the article stated, referencing Continue Reading