Does Religion Have an Image Problem?

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  In today's post, writer Russ Gerber considers whether the future of religion is truly as dire as suggested in media and public commentary.  Increasingly, he's observing a growing spiritual influence in the lives of friends and acquaintances, perhaps an indication of a quiet transformation at work in "hearts and minds." I hope you enjoy this excerpt and click through to read the entire article, originally appearing in Psychology Today.  Old friends from my post-college, Continue Reading

Seeing Millennials Minus The Stereotypes

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We tend to think of ageism in terms of prejudice against older people. But as writer Debra Chew points out, millennials, too,  face age stereotyping that would try to limit their potential.  In her article appearing in the The Chattanoogan she suggests that defining our identity in spiritual terms can help all of us challenge and overcome negative beliefs about age.  “Millennials have their own individuality and don’t have to fit into any mold” – that was my response/tweet on the recent Continue Reading

Forgiveness – what is our first lesson?


When a terrible act against humanity or individuals occurs, can we ever "replace the part of one's identity that says  'this happened to me' " with a life healed and purified?  Writer Wendy Margolese asks that question in today's post, and offers some answers based on recent  - and ancient  - examples of great forgiveness.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article which appeared in the Brampton Guardian.   The word ‘forgiveness’ resounds in the media Continue Reading

Take Mental and Spiritual Vacations to Relieve Workplace Stress

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For many, the scene is all too familiar:  You return from vacation to an overflowing inbox, countless voicemails and a long list of "catch up" tasks.  The memories of a relaxing getaway quickly fade. Has the pace of modern life overtaken the benefits of vacation? In today's post, writer Don Ingwerson shares ideas on how quiet, mental "vacations" spent in contemplation and prayer can help us maintain a stress-free life, year-round.  (Originally published in Redlands Daily Facts.)  It’s Continue Reading

How “Old” are You?

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With today's healthier lifestyles and increased longevity,  our "old" definitions of old age have become outdated.  In this week's blog, writer Annu Matthai considers how a spiritual approach to life can free us from aging labels, and bring continual freshness and renewal. I hope you enjoyed this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article from  It’s time to rethink aging! That’s the conclusion of experts from the International Institute for Applied Systems Continue Reading

Spirituality and Freedom from Athletic Injury

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With sports-related injuries at record levels, trainers and sports medicine experts are increasingly looking at how thought factors into athletic performance and in recuperating from athletic injury.  In today's post, writer Malissa Lakin-Watson shares examples of how thinking spiritually can aid in injury prevention, and in recovery as well.  (Originally published in the Marietta Patch.)  Staying injury and accident free when participating in sports or other strenuous physical activities we Continue Reading

Here’s the rock, here’s the hard place. Now what?


Do ever feel you're options are limited, like you are choosing the "lesser of two evils" when faced with a pressure situation?  Writer Karla Hackney thought so. Until, that is, she sought spiritual guidance, and gained a whole new view on making choices. I hope you enjoy this excerpt of her article which appeared in, and click through to read in its entirety.  We don’t see it coming, we only get two choices and both choices are completely unacceptable.  What do we do? We are Continue Reading

Why allow illness to be part of your identity

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By Debby Kowit   Each of us has had that experience where something we begin focusing on shows up more and more in our life. It can happen with the most random things - a new brand of car, a trend among our youth, or a clothing style. But, it can also happen with really important things like our health. It’s no surprise that when we focus on illness we begin to notice it all around us.  Every relevant discussion, advertisement, cough and sneeze comes to our attention. Pretty soon, we find Continue Reading

Spirituality and Health: Deprescribing to be Healthy


The rise in prescription drug use has many searching for more practical answers to maintaining health.  Today's post considers the alternative of deprescribing from a spiritual perspective.  Below is an excerpt written by Don Ingwerson originally for Have you heard of deprescribing? It means re-evaluating the medications you are taking and discontinuing those that are inappropriate or ineffective. Health professionals have become increasingly aware of the over-reliance on Continue Reading

Soul searching or data mining; distinctive pathways to health

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Data mining: simply put, it includes the gathering and analysis of large amounts of data to predict or forecast future events, and it's increasingly being used in the field of healthcare. Will all the monitoring and mining of our bodies improve our health? Or should we be mining the "soulful self" as well, as writer Steven Salt suggests?  I hope you enjoy the following excerpt, and click through to read his entire article, which originally appeared in Toledo Health and Values.   What do you Continue Reading