Students, Exams And Mental Health

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 Final exams are on the minds of many students as we approach the end of the academic year. Is there a way to approach exams without worry and stress? Writer Moji Solanke thinks so.   I hope you enjoy this excerpt from her article in The Guardian, and click through to read it in its entirety.   About this period in many parts of the world most students are either preparing for or taking exams. Some may have already finished exams and are awaiting the result. In Nigeria specifically, final Continue Reading

Good Faith

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Have you ever experienced a U-turn in your thinking from a premise you thought was true? Today's post shares just such an experience with a welcome and lasting result.  Please enjoy the excerpt below as it was originally written by colleague, Russ Gerber of Massachusetts for Psychology Today. I still recall the moment decades ago that my faith made a U-turn. It wasn’t so much a carefully thought-through turnaround as it was a desperate one. And it marked the end of weeks of periodic migraine Continue Reading

Being a Good Samaritan to the mentally ill and their families

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Feelings of isolation are among the struggles facing those suffering from mental illness. In today's post, writer Tim Mitchinson suggests ways to offer a helping hand. I hope you enjoy this excerpt and click through to read the entire article originally appearing in the Peoria Journal.  Most of the readers of the Peoria Journal-Star can recall the parable of the Good Samaritan. Finding a man who was attacked by thieves and left to die, this Samaritan stopped and helped the abandoned victim. Continue Reading

Owning our Health: Rediscovering the joy of exercise

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Why do you exercise?  For fun?  For health?   Anna Bownesspark thinks differently about the exercise/health debate and shares her perspective in today's post.  Below is an excerpt with a link to read the entire article as it was originally published in The Vancouver Sun. Albert Einstein loved to ride his bike. It’s been said that he claimed he was on his bike when he thought of the ground-breaking theory of relativity. We don’t know whether this is true or not. But one thing that seems to Continue Reading

How you view others may determine your age

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Is "deterioration inevitably linked to aging"?  In today's post, David Price challenges age bias and shares some lessons learned that each one of us can take to heart.  (Originally published in the Pueblo Chieftain) Recently, I was on my way to the barbershop, ok hair-stylist, talking with a family member about graying hair. I’m sporting a bit of salt and pepper and we were laughing about how that makes men look more distinguished. It turns out although she has beautiful brown hair, she has Continue Reading

Prayer and health: the elephant in the room?


In today's  post, my colleague Linda Ross considers the value of prayer as an option in one's healthcare.  I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt and click through to read the whole article, originally written for the Norwalk Patch, via the link below. I grew up trading elephant jokes with friends. “Why did the elephant only wear tennis shoes with yellow soles?” “I don’t know.” “To hide upside down in the custard.” “That’s ridiculous!” “Well, have you ever seen an elephant in Continue Reading

Is Your Spiritual Vision 20/20?

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By 'seeing' vision in a spiritual light, my colleague Debra Chew found freedom from eyesight issues often associated with aging. I hope you enjoy the following excerpt, originally appearing in The Chattanoogan, and click through to read the entire article.   Because it seemed the newspapers and food labels were using a much smaller font, I saw an optometrist for an eye exam for reading glasses.  Unfortunately, I received an unwelcome diagnosis….my dimming vision was being caused by Continue Reading

Gratitude for any Season

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In today's post, Don Ingwerson writes, "gratitude leaves us refreshed and rejuvenated."  I hope you will enjoy the excerpt and article link below. Then, share some gratitude and enjoy the results. (Originally published in We often focus on gratitude during a holiday or special occasion, and doing so can fill that time with a special sense of purpose by stimulating feelings of joy and good will. But if gratitude is so good at those times, why shouldn’t every other day also be Continue Reading

Do You Honestly Need More Evidence


The expression "the proof is in the pudding" might be another way to describe one of   writer Keith Wommack's key points in today's blog, which first appeared in the Houston Chronicle.  He notes some questions being raised in health care today regarding evidence-based medicine, and shares a different perspective on evidence, based on his own prayerful healing practice.   I couldn’t hide it. My grimace gave it away. “Looks like a torn rotator cuff,” my neighbor said to me last Friday. I’d Continue Reading

The universal desire for universal health


The topic of health care regularly dominates the country's headlines and conversation, and for obvious reasons, notes writer Eric Nelson: we all want good health.  In today's post, originally appearing in Communities Digital News, he observes another growing desire among many for a deeper sense of well-being, for a "divinely inspired perspective on life."  Please enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article. You’d be hard-pressed these days, at least here in the U.S., to Continue Reading