The Best Pain Relief Might Not Come In a Bottle


When severe migraine pain put her in immediate and grave danger, the writer of today's post, Debra Chew, reached for the only remedy she had at hand: a thought and a prayer.  The results surprised her.  I hope you'll enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article, written originally for The Chattanoogan. I had been taking pills for migraines for more than a decade.....and I pretty much knew I was about to experience a few days of extreme pain.  I also knew that because my Continue Reading

The selling of happiness – finding a more stable joy

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As the post-holiday clearance sales wind down, many a bargain-hunting shopper is probably looking back over this month's "haul" with satisfaction and delight.  We can all appreciate a good deal. But in today's post, writer Anna Bowness-Park explores the nature of what has been termed "shopper's high," and considers how the search for spiritual joys may bring greater satisfaction, more lasting happiness and health.    I hope you'll enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article, Continue Reading

How to follow through on New Year’s resolutions


Do you have trouble keeping New Year's resolutions? You're not alone.  Today's post offers some wonderful ideas on how keeping a high goal in mind can help you stay on course in 2015.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article, originally written for the Daily Record by my colleague Val Minard.  The ball in Times Square, New York City has dropped. The confetti has been swept up. The noise makers put away. It’s 2015! Time for fresh starts and new year Continue Reading

Simple happiness brings happy, healing thinking

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Joy.  It fills the songs of the season - and many a heart - as we ring in a new year.  As writer Rodolfo Jerome Lacusong notes, the simplest expression of joy can bring happiness and healing to ourselves and others, in any season.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article, originally written for Panay News.    Have you been hired in a job that the simple requirement is to be joyful? When I came to the United States and landed a job with an Continue Reading

Defining Health

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How do you define health?  Your answer to that question might play a role in how you experience health,  As Bob Clark found out in his own life.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt from his article appearing in, and click through to read the full article.  People have been defining and re-defining the word “health” for a long time now. Today the word most often refers to physical health, and the phrase “health care” has come to mean primarily care of the body. But it hasn’t always Continue Reading

Good health news for “the people everywhere”


By Debby Kowit   In the beloved Christmas song, “Do you hear what I hear?” the “people everywhere” heard joyful news, a request for prayer and the promise of goodness and light.  Originally written in the 1960’s, at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the inspired message was truly intended to reach “the people everywhere” as it traveled from messenger to messenger until it finally reached the multitudes. Therein lays its relevance today, that an inspired message can be heard by all. And, Continue Reading

How Beholden Are We to Our Body Clocks?

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In today's post, Tony Lobl poses an important question about time, and relates several accounts that might challenge our assumptions about time's influence on the body.  I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt and click through to read the whole article, originally written for the Huffington Post. Time. It seems to govern so much of our lives. It starts as a child with birthdays, balloons and excitement, before increasing in pace as teenagerhood, careers and the pressure of family life add their Continue Reading

Why You Need Love To Be Healthy


Love can be a powerful healer.  As Keith Wommack points out in today's blog, a  heart-felt "I love you" thought,  directed toward a friend,  neighbor or stranger, can help reduce stress, dissipate anger and frustration, even heal symptoms of Parkinson's disease.   “You don’t need a medical degree to say, ‘I love you,’” writes Pamela Wible, MD, in an article at “Just three simple words can heal more wounds than all the doctors in the world.” Studies show that love heals Continue Reading

The healing power of gratitude

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This Thursday, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving:  a time to pause and express gratitude  for the good in our lives. Today's post notes the proven healing impact of  gratitude, and comes from my colleague Wendy Margolese in Canada, where a national day of Thanksgiving is observed each October.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt which appeared in, and click through to read the entire article.  Who would have thought that a simple ’thank you’ is worthy of a scientific study? Robert Continue Reading

Compassion’s benefits to our health


By Debby Kowit   “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” (Dalai Lama)  Although new to me, this comment touches a deep and tender spot in my heart.  It conjures up stories of heroes who, in the face of tragedy or overwhelming conditions, have given to another even at their own expense. Compassion feels good to both the giver and receiver.  It motivates us to endure even the seemingly interminable and tedious demands in life. And, Continue Reading