Good health news for “the people everywhere”


By Debby Kowit   In the beloved Christmas song, “Do you hear what I hear?” the “people everywhere” heard joyful news, a request for prayer and the promise of goodness and light.  Originally written in the 1960’s, at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the inspired message was truly intended to reach “the people everywhere” as it traveled from messenger to messenger until it finally reached the multitudes. Therein lays its relevance today, that an inspired message can be heard by all. And, Continue Reading

How Beholden Are We to Our Body Clocks?

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In today's post, Tony Lobl poses an important question about time, and relates several accounts that might challenge our assumptions about time's influence on the body.  I hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt and click through to read the whole article, originally written for the Huffington Post. Time. It seems to govern so much of our lives. It starts as a child with birthdays, balloons and excitement, before increasing in pace as teenagerhood, careers and the pressure of family life add their Continue Reading

Why You Need Love To Be Healthy


Love can be a powerful healer.  As Keith Wommack points out in today's blog, a  heart-felt "I love you" thought,  directed toward a friend,  neighbor or stranger, can help reduce stress, dissipate anger and frustration, even heal symptoms of Parkinson's disease.   “You don’t need a medical degree to say, ‘I love you,’” writes Pamela Wible, MD, in an article at “Just three simple words can heal more wounds than all the doctors in the world.” Studies show that love heals Continue Reading

The healing power of gratitude

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This Thursday, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving:  a time to pause and express gratitude  for the good in our lives. Today's post notes the proven healing impact of  gratitude, and comes from my colleague Wendy Margolese in Canada, where a national day of Thanksgiving is observed each October.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt which appeared in, and click through to read the entire article.  Who would have thought that a simple ’thank you’ is worthy of a scientific study? Robert Continue Reading

Compassion’s benefits to our health


By Debby Kowit   “If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” (Dalai Lama)  Although new to me, this comment touches a deep and tender spot in my heart.  It conjures up stories of heroes who, in the face of tragedy or overwhelming conditions, have given to another even at their own expense. Compassion feels good to both the giver and receiver.  It motivates us to endure even the seemingly interminable and tedious demands in life. And, Continue Reading

Increased trust, decreased fear, in the doctor-patient relationship

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Many factors can influence the bond of  trust between patient and doctor.  Eric Nelson shares how he learned firsthand that a relationship in which the patient's prayer is supported by the physician can help dispel fear and aid the healing process.   Does it really matter if your doctor appreciates the power of prayer? For me it may not have been the most important factor to consider but, ultimately, a significant if unexpected plus. I had spent the better part of three weeks in the Continue Reading

Has unconditional love gone to the dogs?


Dogs bring unconditional love to soldiers in today's blog by my colleague, Linda Ross, posted in honor of Veterans Day as it originally appeared in Hartford Faith and Values. Many of us may have experienced relief just walking across a threshold into a place where we know we are loved – unconditionally.  Think though what life could be if a calm, peaceful consciousness became our focus where ever we may be, became the perspective for any difficulty in which we find ourselves? A friend Continue Reading

Can guarding our thought improve our health?

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By Debby Kowit   Have you ever felt trapped in a conversation about someone’s illness, wishing you could somehow rewind the scene then steer clear of the topic completely? In the background, the silent voice of compassion says, “Try to help.” And, the quiet voice of reason says, “Don’t listen to another word. This is not helpful to anyone.” Recently, a friend shared such an experience which caused me to again consider this all too common dilemma. Wouldn’t it be nice, if conversations more Continue Reading

Can honesty improve your health?


The precious diamond possesses qualities such as beauty and durability,  giving it lasting value.  Annu Matthai takes some lessons from the gemstone industry to explore the lasting value of honesty - -  to our health and well-being.  I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article from .   “What makes diamonds a good investment?” I asked my friend who is somewhat of a diamond expert.  He listed four reasons – indestructibility, portability, Continue Reading

Finding Fun, Not Fear, In Our Senior Years

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Taking time, especially in our senior years, to cultivate a healthy view of ourselves yields a positive result.  I particularly appreciate the straight forward examples offered in today's post written by John Clague for  George Bernard Shaw once said, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” Cultivating the right state of mind can help one stay active and vibrant. A centenarian friend of mine seemed to understand this point. Continue Reading