Spirituality and Freedom from Athletic Injury

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With sports-related injuries at record levels, trainers and sports medicine experts are increasingly looking at how thought factors into athletic performance and in recuperating from athletic injury.  In today's post, writer Malissa Lakin-Watson shares examples of how thinking spiritually can aid in injury prevention, and in recovery as well.  (Originally published in the Marietta Patch.)  Staying injury and accident free when participating in sports or other strenuous physical activities we Continue Reading

Here’s the rock, here’s the hard place. Now what?


Do ever feel you're options are limited, like you are choosing the "lesser of two evils" when faced with a pressure situation?  Writer Karla Hackney thought so. Until, that is, she sought spiritual guidance, and gained a whole new view on making choices. I hope you enjoy this excerpt of her article which appeared in mailtribune.com, and click through to read in its entirety.  We don’t see it coming, we only get two choices and both choices are completely unacceptable.  What do we do? We are Continue Reading

Why allow illness to be part of your identity

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By Debby Kowit   Each of us has had that experience where something we begin focusing on shows up more and more in our life. It can happen with the most random things - a new brand of car, a trend among our youth, or a clothing style. But, it can also happen with really important things like our health. It’s no surprise that when we focus on illness we begin to notice it all around us.  Every relevant discussion, advertisement, cough and sneeze comes to our attention. Pretty soon, we find Continue Reading

Spirituality and Health: Deprescribing to be Healthy


The rise in prescription drug use has many searching for more practical answers to maintaining health.  Today's post considers the alternative of deprescribing from a spiritual perspective.  Below is an excerpt written by Don Ingwerson originally for Blogcritics.org Have you heard of deprescribing? It means re-evaluating the medications you are taking and discontinuing those that are inappropriate or ineffective. Health professionals have become increasingly aware of the over-reliance on Continue Reading

Soul searching or data mining; distinctive pathways to health

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Data mining: simply put, it includes the gathering and analysis of large amounts of data to predict or forecast future events, and it's increasingly being used in the field of healthcare. Will all the monitoring and mining of our bodies improve our health? Or should we be mining the "soulful self" as well, as writer Steven Salt suggests?  I hope you enjoy the following excerpt, and click through to read his entire article, which originally appeared in Toledo Health and Values.   What do you Continue Reading

Healthwise: Depressed? You are not a label

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Drug company ads often portray women as particularly susceptible to being depressed.  Are we to agree with that label?  Writer Valerie Minard suggests ways we can challenge the images portrayed in media and advertising by exploring our spiritual nature.  I hope you enjoy the following excerpt, and click through to read the entire article, originally appearing in myCentralJersey.com  “Abilify can break the ball and chain and ‘aid in symptom’ improvement for women who suffer from depression.” Continue Reading

Do our graduates know how to love?


This month, high schools around the country are launching graduates forward.  Are adolescents prepared with the tools they'll need? And have we considered their spiritual development?  In today's blog, writer Eric Nelson notes how lessons in love may provide some of the most important skills teens will need in their journey ahead. I hope you'll click through and read his entire article, originally written for Community Digital News.   There are plenty of things we should be teaching children Continue Reading

African ingenuity in life and health

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In today's post, my colleague Linda Ross takes inspiration from African art in sharing a story of healing prayer from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Please enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article which appeared recently in the Norwalk Patch. I am a great admirer of African ingenuity. On the wall next to my desk is a small example – an illustration of a lovely woman at work grinding meal. The work of art is entirely made of butterfly wings. It’s not only the Continue Reading

Mindfulness: What’s In a Name?

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The practice of mindfulness has gained widespread acceptance and popularity. But what "mind" is it we're talking about? That's a question today's guest writer Richard Geiger asks, noting that a Divine Mind-centered approach to wellbeing may bring blessings not only for ourselves but those around us. I hope you enjoy this excerpt, and click through to read the entire article originally appearing in the Arlington Patch.  The mindfulness “tent” has become large and diverse, and distinctions are Continue Reading

Can we be scared into being healthier?


Can fear be an effective motivator for changing unhealthy habits or behavior.  In today's post, writer Eric Nelson describes a different approach that may bring healthier and more lasting benefits. I hope you'll click on the link below to enjoy his entire article from Communities Digital News.    Anyone over 40 likely remembers the TV ad. A man standing next to a kitchen stove picks up an egg. “This is your brain,” he says. “This is drugs,” he continues, pointing to the piping hot Continue Reading